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Ashlanders (also known as the Velothi) are the nomadic Dunmer barbarians of the Morrowind wastelands. They live in camps of small, mobile huts, herding guar, and hunting wildlife for meat and hides. By tradition the Ashlanders claim the right to raid other settlements and other tribes for plunder and slaves. The Ashlanders worship their ancestors and are led by their Ashkhan, or warchiefs, and are counseled by the arcane wisdom and prophecies of their wise women.

The Velothi are people of Ashlander stock who have abandoned nomadic life and settled among the native Dunmer. The Velothi are despised by their Ashlander cousins as being weak and soft, while the Dunmer look down upon the Velothi as an insignificant underclass.

Ashlander RankingsEdit

Agility and Endurance are the two favored attributes of the Ashlander Faction. Favored Skills for the Ashlanders are Marksman, Light Armor, Mysticism, Alteration, Spear, and Medium Armor.

Rank Name Agility Rank Requirement Endurance Rank Requirement Primary Skill Requirement Favourite Skill Faction Reputation
Clanfriend 30 30 0 0 0
Hearthfriend 40 30 30 20 5
Brother 45 35 40 20 10
Initiate 50 40 50 25 20
Clanholder 55 45 60 25 30
Guide 60 50 70 30 45
Champion 65 55 80 30 60
Gulakhan 70 60 90 35 80
Farseer 75 65 100 35 100
Ashkhan 80 70 110 35 125

Ashlander CultureEdit

The Ashlander culture is an anachronistic survival of the ancestor worshipping tribal culture that evolved into the theocratic Great House culture of the native Dunmer. The Ashlanders perversely prefer the impoverished physical culture and subsistence economy of the Ashlander nomadic herder or hunter, and their ancestor worship is shamanistic and primitive by Dunmer and Imperial standards.

Ashlander nomadic camps have portable huts of hides stretched on chitin frames. These huts can be quickly dismantled and packed atop a guar when moving to new grazing and hunting grounds. The khan's hut is simply a larger, more elaborate version of a family hut.

Ashlander CustomsEdit

Most ashlanders wish all foreigners and their false gods could be driven from Morrowind. At the very least, Ashlanders wish that the foreign devils would leave them in peace. Ashlanders think it shameful to attack unarmed persons, but will kill without hesitation an armed person who offends them or their clan laws. No Ashlander is fool enough to make war against the Empire. However if such a war might be won, many Ashlanders would no doubt cheerfully give their lives to do it.

Among clan and kin, Ashlander courtesy is very proper and polite, but to strangers they are mean and hateful. Ashlander challenges are very solemn and serious things. Ashlanders are not offended by gifts of money, and take them as tokens of deference and respect. Among outcast Ashlanders, beware the mabrigash, renegade witch warrior women who practice dark magic.

Ashlanders may challenge a stranger who enters a yurt without invitation. Customs differ with different tribes, but leave when requested and you may be forgiven. When challenged for sport, it is acceptable to decline. When challenged for honor it is shameful to decline. Honor challenges come from offense given in speech or action, or may represent customary formal challenges of status or ritual.


Main article: Mabrigash

The Mabrigash are the Witch Women of Ashlander society.



  • The Ashlanders may be loosely based on Turkic nomadic tribes that inhabited Central Asia (primarily the territory of modern Kazakhstan and Siberia), who also lived in mobile dwellings called Yurts, but their customs and traditions differ greatly from those of Ashlanders.
  • The rankings "Gulakhan" and "Ashkhan" are also similar to the title "Khan" in Central Asian culture.



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