"Do not be fooled by the man outside. Galgalah is not a spirit to be taken lightly. Those he's sent to Valenvaryon are already dead, though their bodies may lie convincingly."

Ashu-awa is a Dunmer Ashlander residing in the Urshilaku Camp on Vvardenfell.


What can you tell me about this spirit? "Galgalah is a body shifter. A spirit who expels living souls and uses their bodies as puppets. Though his spirit is bound to Valenvaryon, once possessed of a vessel he is free to roam and lure more into his trap."

He lures others in? Is it possible Lord Thanlen is Galgalah? "Our wards would not allow evil spirits to enter the camp. Lord Thanlen is simply as the outside people of Vvardenfell would put it—an ass."
Is there a way to stop this Galgalah? "If we knew, Galgalah would not still exist. Killing him while he occupies a vessel only frees his spirit. The only answer is to offer nothing to him, wisdom the man outside does not hear."


  • "I told you what I know about Galgalah. If you still desire to confront him, we will honor your bravery by cutting the spirit from your body."