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Main article: Random Encounters (Skyrim)
"Oh... hello there. Didn't notice you come up. I was focusing my magicka."
―Aspiring Mage[src]


The Aspiring Mage is a random encounter in Skyrim. He is usually surrounded by dead wolves and will be trying unsuccessfully to bring one of them back to life. He can also be found dead next to a vigilant of Stendarr or a bandit.


When dialogue is started, the Aspiring Mage will say that he is "focusing his magic." While not equipped, it is obvious that the Aspiring Mage has a staff. The staff can be acquired through persuasion (Speech 50), intimidation, bribery, or just killing him, in which case he will hand it over, commenting that the staff's magic has been used up and that it is now just a dumb wooden stick, anyway. It is possible to pickpocket the staff from him if the Misdirection perk has been acquired. It is also possible to recover the staff from his corpse. Killing the Aspiring Mage does not give the Dragonborn a bounty.


The staff may be a Staff of Reanimation, a Staff of Zombies, or a Staff of Dread Zombies (depending on the recipient's skill level at the time), any of which will still have a full charge. Aside from this he might carry a soul gem.


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  • He may rarely become the only random encounter in a given area for the rest of the game. Even if he is killed, no other random encounter will occur in the area.confirmation needed


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