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"Stranger. You chose a bad day to take up with the cause of the Septims."
―The assassin to the Hero of Kvatch[src]

Assassin quote

This assassin was an Altmer member of the Order of the Mythic Dawn during the final days of the Third Era. He participated in the Assassination of Uriel Septim VII beneath the Imperial Prison, in which the Mythic Dawn plotted to kill the emperor in order to start the subsequent Daedric invasion.



When the Mythic Dawn agents had forced the emperor and his Blades guards into a dead end chamber, the assassin entered the chamber via a concealed entrance. While the Blades engaged the Dawn's main force, the assassin killed Uriel VII with a single strike of a Bound Dagger.

The future Hero, who was travelling in the emperor's company, was menaced by the assassin before the Blade Baurus returned to the chamber, having fought off the other agents. It is unknown whether the assassin was killed by the prisoner or by Baurus. His body was held in the chamber during the Imperial Legion's later investigation, lying limply on a wooden table.


  • This assassin is found and seen in the tutorial section at the game's start, executing the pivotal event of assassinating the Emperor.
  • The assassin's race and gender are seen after his death, when his Mythic Dawn Bound Armor vanishes, replaced by simple Mythic Dawn robes.
  • If the player kills the assassin before he kills the emperor via console commands, then the game will freeze.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Silus Vesuius claims to be the descendant of the Mythic Dawn assassin who assassinated Uriel Septim VII.