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The Assassin of Old is a dead Nord found at Hag's End. He carries the full set of Ancient Shrouded Armor.


Locate the Assassin of OldEdit

After completing the miscellaneous quest "Receive a reading from Olava the Feeble", this miscellaneous quest is received, and begins in Deepwood Redoubt. Immediately after passing through the burial room close to the entrance, a chest and a dead adventurer can be found by jumping up the rocks on the right.


  • The 100% poison resistance of the Ancient Shrouded Armor is extremely useful against Spriggans.
  • Multiple sets of his armor can be obtained using the Spell dead thrall. The Dragonborn can simply take his armor, cast the spell on his body, and leave to a different area. After returning his armor will re-spawn on his body. This exploit can be repeated as many times as desired.
  • The Assassin of Old makes a poor thrall. Since he was never given any health, he will almost always die in one hit.
  • If the Dragonborn stands next to the door of the room containing the Assassin of Old, they can use the power of The Ritual Stone. This will raise the Assassin, and when the Dragonborn leaves the area, the Assassin will as well. The Dragonborn will then be able to obtain a set of Ancient Shrouded Armor without doing the Dark Brotherhood questline.


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