"Pa says the Empire made us leave, but the Empire just does whatever the elves tell them to."


Assur is a Nord child and the son of Jarl Korir and Thaena and lives with them in Winterhold inside the Jarl's Longhouse. If the Dragonborn sides with the Imperials in the Civil War and completes Rescue from Fort Kastav he, along with his parents, will move to Brunwulf's House in Windhelm.


Assur is heavily influenced by his father and repeats his opinions about magic, but he appears generally neutral. He sometimes plays with Eirid, the only other child in the area, but he constantly makes Eirid play Hunt the elf, with her as the "elf," suggesting a mean streak influenced by his father's negative opinion about elves.


If the Dragonborn is known to be a mage, he will run up to them and ask them to make him invisible. He also asks the Dragonborn if they would like to play a game, where they could choose between tag or hide and seek. Doing so counts for the achievement Hero of the People. He will send hired thugs to "teach you a lesson" if his attitude toward you for whatever reason is infavorable.


That's my boyEdit

Assur "Eirid says the mages at the College are nice people, but you said they're bad."
Korir "Eirid's a little girl who doesn't understand that they're responsible for destroying our home."
Assur "Why did they do that? Why would they be so evil?"
Korir "Because they don't care about you or I, cub. They think they're better than all of us, and that we can just be thrown away."
Assur "I hate them."
Korir "That's my boy."


  • "Pa says the Empire made us leave, but the Empire just does whatever the elves tell them to."
  • "Father said Elves are bad and can't be trusted."
  • "I heard that the college teaches you how to kill people with magic. Is that true?"
  • "Pa says people like you are the reason no one lives here anymore."
  • "I hope monsters come and eat you." —If Winterhold is taken over by the Imperial Legion