"You must be the new Initiate. The Speaker sent word that you were on your way. I'm the Matron of this Sanctuary. Obey me without question and I'm certain we'll get along just fine."
―Astara to the Vestige[src]

Astara Caerellius is an Imperial assassin residing in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, and is the matron of the sanctuary.


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Show: Signed in Blood

"You must be the new initiate. The Speaker sent word that you were on your way. I'm the Matron of this Sanctuary. Obey me without question and I'm certain we'll get along just fine."

Of course, Matron. "And this is for you - shrouded armor, the uniform of the Dark Brotherhood. You're one of the family now. You might as well look the part. And since you showed such experience with the Blade of Woe, take this as well. I expect great things, Initiate."
Show: Welcome Home

"We are all Brothers and Sisters, children of the Night Mother and our Dread Father. Even lone assassins need a family. Introduce yourself to the others. They can provide advice and information, even support for your more challenging contracts."

Will I get another contract soon? "Eager, are you? That's good. Then go and talk to Elam Drals. He handles lesser contracts for the new initiates. Prove yourself to him and more interesting assignments will follow. Welcome to the family."
I'll go and talk to Elam Drals. "Explore the Sanctuary, meet the others. At least ones currently at home. I believe Green-Venom-Tongue, Kor, Mirabelle, Cimbar, and Tanek are avalable. When you're done, Elam should have a new task for you to accomplish."
Tell me more about yourself, Matron. "The past isn't something we talk about here. For most of us, our lives didn't really begin until we were called to serve the Night Mother. And I was called at a very early age."
Have you always been the Matron of this Sanctuary? "No one joins the Brotherhood and immediately steps into a position of power. That's not how we do things. I had to prove myself, show that I was dedicated to the Night Mother and her tenets. I served for many years before I earned my title."
Did you advance though the ranks in this Sanctuary? "This Sanctuary has always been my home in the Brotherhood, if that's what you're asking. I've seen the Gold Coast change over the years. But that's enough questions about me. I wouldn't want to think you were taking my measure for some reason."
I heard something about a Dark Brotherhood member being murdered. "Where did you ...? Ah, they were discussing that at the noble's estate, were they? Bastards! It's true. Someone has been killing our Brothers and Sisters. When the hunters become the hunted, it's like the world has gone askew."
Any idea who the murderer is? "We're investigating the matter. It's not unusual for our past to catch up with us, and it's not like we have a shortage of enemies. We'll learn the identity of this killer and then there will be a reckoning."
Who would dare challenge the Dark Brotherhood? "True, few have the audacity to openly oppose us, but there are many who would love to see the Brotherhood abolished. This feels ... different. Stay vigilant, keep your eyes open, and report anything else you notice as you execute your duties."
How do I advance in the Brotherhood? "A little ambition is good for the soul. But only a little. Complete the contracts assigned to you. It's as simple as that. Every life you send to Sithis pleases the Night Mother and raises your profile. Complete enough jobs and you'll be rewarded."
What happens as I advance? "We'll trust you with more difficult contracts, assign you more high-profile targets. The awards are greater, and we'll ask you to help with matters of importance to the Brotherhood. But don't get ahead of yourself. Start with Elam's contracts first."