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Ataxia (Skyrim)

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Ataxia in Skyrim

Acquired from

Slaughterfish, Frostbite Spiders, Skeevers


Pickpocket difficulty increased by 25% (25% harder)
Lockpicking difficulty increased by 25% (25% harder)

Main article: Diseases (Skyrim)
For this disease in other games, see Ataxia.

Contracted from Slaughterfish, Frostbite Spiders, Skeevers, and Traps (such as swinging axes), Ataxia causes Lockpicking and Pickpocketing to become 25% harder until cured. Luckily, shrines are plentiful in Skyrim and will function as a cure when visited.


  • Pickpocket difficulty increased by 25% (25% harder)
  • Lockpicking difficulty increased by 25% (25% harder)



  • Arcadia suggests the Dragonborn has it, but she tells this every time she is spoken to, regardless of the Dragonborn's condition.


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  • Characters may mention the Dragonborn has Ataxia even after it is cured.


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