Atmah is a deceased Redguard mage found in Labyrinthian.


Atmah was a mage present at the expedition to Labyrinthian. During her time at the College, she was the favored student of the Arch-Mage. She orchestrated the event that led to her death and the deaths of nearly everyone (except for Savos Aren) present. A psychic impression of her dwelled within Labyrinthian after the event.



  • Along with Hafnar Ice-Fist, Atmah is one of the Enthralled Wizards that keep Morokei trapped in the Labyrinthian. The Dragonborn can discover this by listening to the conversations repeated by the psychic impressions that are triggered as the Dragonborn travels through the Labyrinthian during the Staff of Magnus quest, which detail that Girduin, Elvali Veren, and Takes-In-Light all die prior to the remaining mages confronting Morokei. Despite this, the models for both enthralled wizards are male.