Frostcrag Spire altars

The Atronach Altar

The Atronach Altar is a feature of Frostcrag Spire.

The Hero can offer 3 kinds of salts here to summon a permanent atronach familiar:

They can also summon another creature in addition to the atronach, using regular Conjuration, thus it is possible to get more than 1 familiar at one time. The Atronach can be dismissed whenever one choose so by talking to it.

Only one atronach may be summoned from the altar at one time. However, it is possible to summon multiple atronachs by using the console:

  • Using the console one can kill an atronach summoned by the atronach altar, summon another atronach and then resurrect the first one (using the console again) and thus have multiple atronachs at once.