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Attack on Fort Sutch is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This quest will not appear in the Journal.


This is a minor quest that starts when the Hero enters the Fort Sutch area, after completing the main quest Dagon Shrine, but before completing Light the Dragonfires. It consists of a small group of the Imperial Legionaries being attacked by Daedra from an Oblivion Gate.


Find Fort Sutch and look for the Fort Sutch Gate. Just east of the fort behind the old wall will be several legion soldiers. Speak to the Captain and agree to help him secure the gate, as large amounts of Daedra attack the soldiers. The daedra can easily overwhelm the soldiers with numbers alone quickly defeating them.

Once all the nearby enemies have been disposed of, the Legionaries will move into place at the gate. A leveled Dremora will exit the gate and speak to the guards before attacking. After the Legion Captain will ask the Hero to enter the gate and close it. Like most other gates, it will be a random realm, and one must adapt. Closing the gate will give +2 fame, on top of the +1 fame for finishing the quest.


The map used for this gate is randomly selected between these four city gates.



  • When the legion soldiers assault the gate, be sure to keep the captain alive, since he will give them the quest. One can close the gate without the quest, but it only gives them 2 fame.