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Prince Attrebus Mede, known as "Treb" to his friends, is a character who appears in The Infernal City and Lord of Souls, and is the only son of the Emperor Titus Mede I. He is beloved by the people of Cyrodiil for his acts of heroism and gallantry, but in truth his life is a farce created by the Emperor.


Attrebus Mede was born in 4E 18. He was raised to believe he was a hero. Bards made songs about his triumphs, and how he managed to win battles against all odds without taking casualties. He’d never lost more than three of his personal guard in one battle anywhere, including the Battle of Blinker Creek.[1]

He learns the truth to his cost when his entire retinue is wiped out during an ambush and he is easily bested in combat by his traitorous protector/lover. The young prince is transported to Elsweyr to be sold into slavery where a Dunmer sorcerer named Ezhmaar Sul rescues him. Together, they set out to stop the floating city Umbriel from completing its journey across Tamriel.

Their mission forces them to cross over into Oblivion several times, the first time resulting in them being hunted by the Daedric Lord Hircine. The second sees them meeting Malacath who agrees to transport them to Solstheim. On the third visit they meet with Clavicus Vile to strike a bargain in order to put an end to the lord of Umbriel and return the spirit of Umbra to Vile.

Determined to live up to his false reputation, Attrebus does everything in his power to bring down the floating city and rescue Annaïg Hoïnart, the object of his affections. The two communicate throughout his journey via a magical Dwarven locket and an unspoken romance develops between the them.

During the final battle against Vuhon, the lord of Umbriel, Attrebus is briefly possessed by Clavicus Vile who uses Umbra to impale Sul. As the Dunmer dies the power of Umbra is returned to Vile and Attrebus is released from his hold. The floating city returns to parts unknown and Attrebus reconciles with his father and proposes marriage to Annaïg.

The Emperor plans to announce to the people that his son was responsible for ending the Umbriel crisis but Attrebus, in an act that impresses his father, relinquishes his glory to the Synod and the College of Whispers in return for their political support.

Personal Guard Edit

Attrebus had a personal guard composed of elite legionaries. It was an appealing position for the soldiers because the pay was good and they didn't run into very difficult situations. It consisted of around fifty men. They had never lost more than three men in a battle until they were ambushed while they marched into Black Marsh, where they were all massacred[2]. Attrebus was the only one to be kept alive as a hostage. Some of its members were:

  • Gulan
  • Radhasa
  • Eres
  • Klau
  • Pash
  • Joun
  • Dario


  • It is likely that he eventually succeeded his father as Emperor since he was his only child and heir to the throne.
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