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Attributes in An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire govern the player's character's skills. The build points spent on attributes determine how effective the player's physical, magical, or mental skills are.


Attribute Description Skills
Agility Agility affects the character's chances of hitting an enemy with a weapon or spell and avoiding or dodging an enemy's attack. The higher the Agility, the better the character's To Hit/Defend modifier. Agility affects agility-based skills such as stealth. Backstabbing
Critical Strike
Missile Weapon
Endurance Endurance directly affects the character's health and stamina. Endurance is a factor in hoding your breath under water. Swimming
Intelligence Intelligence directly affects the amount of magicka you have for casting spells. The higher the character's Intelligence, the more magicka you can use. Most classes have half their Intelligence in Spell Points [see note] but some classes have up to three times their Intelligence. X
Luck Luck has a small effect on most actions the character performs, from aiming an arrow to talking to people. The higher the Luck, the better the modifiers on the character's actions. X
Personality Personality affects other people's reactions to the character. The odds of impressing someone in conversation are directly proportional to the player's Personality score. X
Speed Speed affects your movement rate and all related Speed skills such as dodging, running and attacking. Dodging
Strength Strength affects how much damage you can inflict in hand-to-hand and weapon combat. The higher the Strength, the better the character's damage modifier. The damage modifier affects the amount of damage done by the character's hands or weapons. Strength also affects strength-related skills such as the character's weapon proficiencies. Axe
Blunt Weapon
Long Blade
Short Blade
Willpower Willpower affects your ability to successfully cast and resist the effects of spells. The higher the WIllpower, the better the character's Magic Defense modifier will be. Alteration

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