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Attunement Sphere

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Attunement Sphere
Attunement Sphere
0 WeightIcon
Base Value:
0 GoldIcon
Type: Quest Item
FormID: 0003532C

The Attunement Sphere is a device created by the Dwemer that was used in conjunction with a Dwarven Mechanism to access Blackreach.

It is a miscellaneous item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim given to the Dragonborn by Septimus Signus during the quest Discerning the Transmundane.


They were used in three specific Dwemer cities: Alftand, Mzinchaleft, and Raldbthar to unlock the way to Blackreach, by placing them into Dwarven Mechanisms.


  • There's also a second Attunement Sphere in Sinderion's Field Laboratory in Blackreach.
  • The attunement sphere changes color as it plays music that the Dwemer ruins uses to open ancient doors.


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  • The inventory image of the sphere was changed in the 1.4 update to a red color along with the Runed Lexicon, but there seems to be a problem with it keeping this new color. It sometimes switches back and forth.


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