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Race Orc
Gender Female
Level 10 - 30
Class Sorcerer
Faction Tribal Orcs
Services Skill Trainer: Illusion
Ref ID 00019E19
Base ID 00019E18

Atub is an Orsimer mage who resides in the Orc Stronghold of Largashbur and serves as the wise woman of her people. She also offers her services as an expert level trainer of Illusion.


The Cursed TribeEdit

She is the person that needs to be spoken to in order to initiate the Daedric quest The Cursed Tribe, after the residents of Largashbur have killed the attacking giant. She will often stray from her camp to defend it from giant attacks, but, during her related quest, she is unkillable. Killing Atub before initiating the quest will make The Cursed Tribe impossible to complete.


  • When pickpocketed she will have a Northwatch Captain Key.
  • After the completion of the quest The Cursed Tribe, she will tell the Dragonborn to go to her for "remedies and cures" should he/she need them, but there's no option to trade with her.


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  • She may be found seemingly dead, but the option to speak to her will still display. It will not work until she stands up again.
  •  360   The option to train asks her if she can teach the player about Alteration sometimes, but when the training menu appears, it is correctly Illusion.


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