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Augur of Dunlain

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Augur of Dunlain
TESV Augur
Gender Previously male
Faction The College of Winterhold
Services Augury
"They seek meaning, shelter in knowledge; they will not find it."
―Augur of Dunlain[src]

Augur of Dunlain is a divination artifact found within The Dark Midden level of The Midden of The College of Winterhold. Previously a gifted student of the college, the Augur of Dunlain ended up in its current state due to an overly zealous pursuit in his discipline of magic. Since, it has been known for its wisdom, but the people of the college do not like to talk about it.


Good Intentions

The Dragonborn confides in the device, at the request of Quaranir, to receive aid with locating the Staff of Magnus.

Restoration Ritual Spell

Becoming a Master of Restoration brings the Dragonborn to the Augur once more, at the suggestion of Collette Marence. Seeking approval from the Augur, the Dragonborn removes all equipment and is required to survive against several ghosts that wield Destruction magic.



An augur is defined as a prediction based on signs or omens. In ancient Rome, often a group of Augurs were tasked with interpreting the will of the gods from omens.


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