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Aunius Autrus is an Imperial priest who resides at the Imperial Shrine in Wolverine Hall, Sadrith Mora. He offers a variety of services to the public, and is not involved in any quests.


Service-related stats:Mercantile skill: 16Bartering gold: 200


Aunius Autrus trades in books, alchemy ingredients, and potions. He offers the following wares for sale:

Spell merchantEdit

Aunius has sixteen spells available from the Mysticism and Restoration schools of magic. He is the sole purveyor of the Absorb Endurance and Absorb Luck spells in Morrowind. He offers the following spells for sale:


Aunius Autrus offers custom Spellmaking services. As a Spellmaker who is not a member of the Mages Guild, his services can be invaluable to any magic user that is not on friendly terms with the guild.


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