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For other uses, see Auriel's Bow.

Auriel's Bow is a quest, undertaken by the Nerevarine in order to retrieve the famed bow of Auriel on behalf of House Telvanni, in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


"[Auriel's Bow] Smells faintly of ash yams"
Mistress Therana[src]



Once the Nerevarine has joined House Telvanni, they may begin taking quests from its upper echelons. Mistress Therana of Tel Branora is one of those whom has a task for the Nerevarine to complete: obtain Auriel's Bow. She suggests that the mystical bow "smells of ash yams" and the "smell" is most potent near Ralyn Othravel in the Ghostgate.

A Distinct SmellEdit

The Ghostgate can be found at the end of the Foyada Mamaea (where it passes through the Ghostfence). Inside, the Nerevarine will find Othravel in the Tower of Dawn. They now face a choice of either killing Othravel outright, or pickpocketing the Bow from him. Either way, once the Nerevarine has obtained the bow from Othravel, they must return, with it, to Therana whom will reward them with a set of Daedric greaves and cuirass (both of which are enchanted with feather) or 11,111GoldIcon.


Auriel's Bow
IDJournal Entry
10Mistress Therana asked me to bring her Auriel's Bow. At least, I think that's what she was asking. Perhaps I should look for the bow in Ghostgate. Therana said something about Ralyn Othravel.
  • Quest accepted
100Mistress Therana scolded me for bringing her Auriel's Bow and then gave me 5000 [sic] gold if I promised to leave.
  • Quest complete



This section contains bugs related to Auriel's Bow (Quest). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • The Journal will incorrectly state that Therana gave the Nerevarine 5,000GoldIcon to "leave", no matter which reward was chosen.

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