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Auriel's Shield is a unique Ebony Tower Shield in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. The Shield had once been wielded by Auri-El himself in a battle with Lorkhan, and then again by the Eternal Champion, but has since disappeared.[1][2]


Auriel's Shield can be found by the Hero of Daggerfall after they have assisted a Witch, hidden within a dungeon.


Artifact of PowerEdit

The Hero of Daggerfall, having joined one of the Knight Orders that serve Illiac Bay, will be given the opportunity to find an Artifact of Power by one of their quest givers. The Hero is instructed to find a Witch inside one of Daggerfall's dungeons. She will tell the Hero of the Shield's location after they have kidnapped her great-granddaughter for her. The Hero will then be told the Shield is inside another dungeon, scattered among some other equipment.