"It will be our great honor to fight by your side, My Lord!"
―Aurmazl Zudeh[src]

Aurmazl Zudeh quote

Aurmazl Zudeh is a Golden Saint in the Shivering Isles. She is the captain of the palace guards in Bliss.


Zudeh was a Golden Saint that served under Sheogorath. During the Fourth Era, she held the rank of aurmazl and captain of the Golden Saint guards at the New Sheoth Palace.[source?] She may or may not have led the Forces of Madness in the Battle of New Sheoth during the Greymarch, informing the Hero of Kvatch, the newly named Madgod, of the attack.


"My Lord. I'm glad to see you. We have a developing situation that requires your attention"

The End of OrderEdit

Zudeh and the rest of the palace guards will assist the Hero in the final battle against the Forces of Order and their leader Jyggalag. During the battle Zudeh will focus her attacks on the Knights of Order as they appear from the Obelisks in the courtyards. Once Jyggalag arrives the energy blast kills her and the rest of the guards.


  • Even though it says her rank is Aurmazl, her rank is actually a Pelaurig, the highest rank.
  • If the Hero is the Count of Dementia, Autkendo Jansa will arrive with the message instead.