"We meet again. I am here to join your Order, having received a divine vision from Kynareth herself."
―Avita Vesnia[src]

Avita Vesnia quote

Avita Vesnia is an Imperial priestess of Kynareth. She is first encountered by the Hero at her wayshrine in the Great Forest in western Cyrodiil


Nature's FuryEdit

The priests Jesper and Stanet will both point the Hero to her if they ask about the Boots of the Crusader, saying that she is the one to talk to.

Talking to Avita will show that she is a devoted follower of Kynareth, stating that all of nature is her temple. She will also reveal that in order to get the boots, the Hero must prove themselves worthy to Kynareth.

She will tell the Hero to enter the grove up ahead alone to wait for the test. If they fail the test, she will see it in their eyes upon return and offer to let them try again. When the Hero passes the trial and recovers the boots, they will return to the shrine to find that Avita has left and they do not know why or where she went.

Umaril the UnfeatheredEdit

She will be encountered again at the Priory of the Nine, stating that she has had a vision from Kynareth and she has decided to fight to protect nature from destruction.

If accepted into the Knights of the Nine, she will change from her robes into the standard Knight of the Nine Cuirass with Chainmail Armor and Shield. She will also join the final battle against Umaril at his fortress with the rest of the knights. If she survives the battle, she will return to the priory and tend to the garden until the Hero ask her to follow them.


  • Avita is the only female to join the Knights of the Nine.
  • If she dies, the other knights will sometimes talk about how they cannot believe she died and how they can sometimes still hear her laugh.