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Avulstein Gray-Mane

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Avulstein Gray-Mane
Avulstein Gray-Mane
Race Nord
Gender Male
Level 5 - 100
Class Warrior
Faction Gray-Mane
Essential Always
Ref ID 0001A686
Base ID 00013B9A
"This was such a glorious city, but then everything had to change. The Empire came, and my brother was lost."
―Avulstein Gray-Mane[src]

Avulstein Gray-Mane is a Nord and member of the Gray-Mane clan, a well-established family in the city of Whiterun.


Avulstein Gray-Mane will be in the Gray-Mane clan house, hiding in one of the bedrooms. Upon opening the bedroom door, Avulstein will begin to speak, explaining that he is paranoid of meeting the same fate as his brother who is missing. He is certain that the Battle-Borns are behind the disappearance of his brother and wants proof stolen from their house.


Missing in ActionEdit

The Dragonborn can help to find out the fate of his brother and rescue him from Northwatch Keep.


  • "I'm... well, who I am isn't important. Let's leave it at that, huh?"
  • "You've been a good friend to me. That means something." ―After completion of "Missing in Action".
  • "Forget Solitude or Windhelm. Whiterun was the crown jewel of Skyrim before... well, before... nevermind."
  • "This was such a glorious city, but then everything had to change. The Empire came, and my brother was lost."
  • "Ah, but Skyrim, Skyrim is supreme among all nations. Our people, our native people, are unmatched in all Tamriel."
  • "One day the war will end and the true sons of Skyrim will inherit this great realm."


  • If Idolaf Battle-Born is killed, the Dragonborn may receive a message by courier from Avulstein, thanking the Dragonborn. He states that he knows it was the Dragonborn who killed Idolaf, and that he will not report the Dragonborn to the authorities.
  • Avulstein carries a Skyforge Steel Battleaxe.


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  • There is a glitch where Avulstein will become hostile if you have a bounty on your head. However, if you sheath your weapon, he will not yield. If the guards see him attacking you, they will consider it assault and attack Avulstein constantly, and during the quest Missing in Action, he will not die, preventing you from going further.
    • If you can enter Avulstein into a battle with a dragon, he will snap out of it, and communicating with him normalizes.
  •  PS3   During the quest Missing in Action, if Avulstein gets really hurt, his character will limp on the ground. Casting a Restoration spell on him such as Healing Hands or Heal Other will not help and he will keep limping. Just proceed through Northwatch Keep and he should stand back up soon.


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