"The weapon crumbles to dust in your hands."
―Message when picking up Ayleid Mace[src]

The Ayleid Mace is a Blunt weapon in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It is a modified form of the Elven Mace. It is one of the rarest weapons in the game, although its base damage is similar to the Elven Mace.


To acquire one of these "rare" items, the Hero will have to obtain Frostcrag Spire or Arcane University recommendations and must be completing "The Ultimate Heist" quest of the Thieves Guild at the where the Ayleid Guardians come to life. The Hero must create a Charm spell that does Charm 100 points for any number of seconds. When the guardians (statues) come to life, the Hero must use the charm spell on them and immediately after they must kill them to obtain the weapon. Otherwise, it will just crumble in the Hero's hands.

It is also possible to acquire this item if the Hero kills the guardians while sneaking and loots the body at the exact moment that the killing blow is struck.

  • Being invisible or wearing items enchanted with Chameleon may make this easier.
  • It may be necessary to place the Ayleid Mace in a storage container and then take it back out before equipping it; otherwise, the weapon may still crumble in the Hero's hands.