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Ayleid Ruin - Elder Scrolls Online

An Ayleid ruin at night

For other uses, see Ayleid Ruins.

Ayleid Ruins are ancient structures that appear across Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Ayleid ruins dot the landscape in Cyrodiil and are known to contain valuable treasures, but they’re often protected by brigands or much worse. Even if the inhabitants and their dangerous leaders are defeated, players must be on their guard for players from the opposing alliances.[1]

The Ayleids were considerably more widespread than in just the province of Cyrodiil – at the height of their civilization, they were spread across Tamriel from High Rock to Black Marsh. Their ruins can be found in any province other than Skyrim, Morrowind, and Summerset.[2] Outside of Cyrodiil, Ayleid ruins are most common in the southern jungles of Valenwood, built after Empress Alessia’s “slave army” drove the Ayleids from Cyrodiil.[3]

List of Ayleid ruinsEdit


High RockEdit



Summerset IslesEdit

Black MarshEdit




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