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Azra's Staffs is a quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


The quest can be started by speaking to Neloth and asking if he needs help with his research:

Can I help with your research?: "Perhaps later. For now I have a slightly more personal request. You see, I'm a collector. Of staffs. Magical staffs. In particular, those made by Azra Nightwielder. Through some divinations, I believe I've located one. If you retrieve it, I'll give you a staff of my own making. Nightwielder's creations don't really hold up in comparison to what can be made today, but they have a sentimental value for me. You understand."

He can also be questioned further about Azra Nightwielder:

Who was Azra Nightwielder?: "He was the original shadowmage. His advances in magic are legendary. Less well known is that he was also a pioneer in the field of enchanting staffs. Every staff of his that I have uncovered has led me to greater understanding. Today we would consider his techniques rudimentary, but the genius is still evident."


Travel to a radiant location in Skyrim or Solstheim, and retrieve the staff which is always located in a chest. The staff will be found in either a Bandit Camp, Dragon Lair, Dragon Priest Lair, Draugr Crypt, Falmer Hive, Forsworn Camp, Hagraven Nest, Vampire Lair or Warlock Lair.

Possible locationsEdit

Possible stavesEdit

  • Azra's Staff of Charming
  • Azra's Staff of Daedric Command
  • Azra's Staff of Dread Zombies
  • Azra's Staff of Expulsion
  • Azra's Staff of Fear
  • Azra's Staff of Fireballs
  • Azra's Staff of Paralysis
  • Azra's Grand Staff of Repulsion
  • Azra's Staff of the Storm Atronach
  • Azra's Grand Staff of Turning

Upon retrieving the staff, return to Neloth, who will then grant the Dragonborn a leveled staff as a reward:

I've got Azra's staff: "You didn't have to speak a word. I could sense it the moment you came in. You've proven your worth, and I'm as good as my word. Take this staff from my personal collection. I think you'll find it useful."


  • Random leveled staff


Journal Entry

Neloth has asked me to retrieve one of Azra Nightwielder's staffs. It's hidden in <RadiantDungeon>.

Neloth has asked me to retrieve one of Azra Nightweilder's staffs. It was hidden in <RadiantDungeon>.

Neloth asked me to retrieve one of Azra Nightweilder's staffs from <RadiantDungeon>.

  • Quest completed


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