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Azum's Journal is the journal of the disgruntled business partner, Azum.



Hadran only brought me on because he wanted to expand his "side businesses." My time in Orcrest gave me all the background I needed to run his games for him. Now, my "sideshows" are making more money than his damned slave-trade!

It's not that I care about the meat. I don't. If you're dumb enough to get caught by Hadran, you're dumb enough to be sold.

But that Elf harpy is reaching her talons further into Elsweyr every day. A little bird just told me she's sent her damned Eyes into Dawnmead, sniffing around after Hadran, Ren-dro, Rakhad, and some of the other movers. She actually thinks she rules out here, the cow.

Fine, let her rule. And let Hadran rot. If I could get rid of him, I'd happily shut down the slave blocks. Like she would care about a few rigged games when Ren-dro is running military secrets out of Pa'alat.


Just need to find the right dupe to put a blade in that old cat's back. Then the whole operation will be mine.


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