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Azura's Star is located within the artifact of Azura's Star and is where Malyn Varen's soul is trapped. It can only be visited during the Daedric quest "The Black Star."


The Black StarEdit

The Dragonborn is sent into Azura's Star by Nelacar or Azura, and must defeat Malyn Varen to purify the Star. He summons three Dremora and they must all be killed in order to leave the Star. The interior of the Star cannot be returned to after it has been left.


It appears to be made up entirely of the material white soul gems are made of, as well as floating crystals and shimmering clouds. The floor pathway is of a honeycomb-like structure.

Notable itemsEdit


  • Unlike when in Pelagius Septim III's mind during The Mind of Madness, where one can check the world map through a glitch and find themselves meandering all of Skyrim, Azura's Star location appears to be a "sub location" of the Shrine of Azura or The Frozen Hearth inn, respectively.
  • While it looks as if falling off the walkway will lead to a deep drop, there are actually invisible walls preventing one from accidentally dropping of the edge.
  • The central crystalline structure has many deep purple shafts through the white crystal, as well as more streaks everywhere else. This may be a representation of Malyn's soul, which is a black soul.


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  •  360   It is possible to walk underneath the soul gem floors by using a platter (or wooden plate) to go through one of the more elevated platforms behind where Malyn Varen waits for the player. However, if the player falls through into the bottomless pit below, they will simply be teleported back to the beginning of the area with no additional changes.
    • This is most easily done with a high Sneak skill and the Invisibility Spell to avoid confronting Malyn Varen and to avoid leaving the area.