"Greetings! Looking for some more work, are you?"

Azzan quote

Azzan is the Redguard leader of the Anvil Fighters Guild, and is also a trainer of Blunt at the level of Journeyman for members of the guild. He is known in Anvil for his skills and personality, many in town saying that they would join the guild to work under Azzan.

He can be found on the top floor of the Anvil Fighters Guild, either in his office, or in the entrance hall. He wears Steel Armor.


Azzan is one of three members of the guild to handle jobs for members of the guild, and is one of the people to talk to about joining. If he has no jobs, he will point out Burz gro-Khash, or Modryn Oreyn if Modryn has requested it. He will also point out Irene Metrick to those seeking out more advanced training in blunt weaponry.

Azzan will wake up every day at 6am, and will immediately head down stairs to the ground level. After 5pm he will start training at the practices dummy until 8pm. At eight he will go eat dinner then return to the main hall until he goes to bed.

After joining the guild, he changes his routine. He will still wake up and head down to the main hall at 6am, but will only stay there until 8am before heading to his office on the top floor. at 5pm he will head downstairs and resume his scheduled routine.

Quests given by AzzanEdit


"What can I do for you? Looking for some work? If so, the Fighters Guild can always use able-bodied new members." (If the Hero is not in the Fighters Guild.)

Joining the Fighters Guild:

  • "We appreciate your interest, but you've got quite a nasty reputation. Do something about that, and perhaps we'll consider your application." (If the Hero has a bad reputation.)
  • "Yes. Unfortunately, it seems you have a price on your head. Clear that up, and perhaps we can speak about this again." (If the Hero has a bounty.)

Anvil: "Our Fighters Guild chapter here is big, primarily because we're a training center, which earns us each a good living."

Anvil Chapel Attack (Knights of the Nine): "The Prophet speaks true. This is the start of something terrible, I can feel it in my bones."

Fighters Guild: "I love being in the guild. There's money to be made. If you'd like to join up, let me know."

Prophet: "You should listen to him preach. He may sound crazy at first, but the longer you listen, the more sense he makes." KN

Training: "I've heard tales of a woman who used a blunt weapon in horrible ways people had never seen. Irene Metrick, I think her name was." (If the Hero asks for training beyond his training level.)