"It's been quite a boon looking like a child. No one ever suspects a thing."


Babette is a Breton vampire and, as a member of the Dark Brotherhood, she also functions as a merchant of potions and ingredients, as well as being a master trainer of Alchemy.


At the age of ten, Babette was bitten by a vampire, becoming one herself. She has lived over three hundred years as one, and boasts about how her innocent appearance makes killing easier. Due to her age, it can be inferred that she was alive during the Oblivion Crisis of 3E 433.


In the Falkreath Sanctuary, she sells potions and alchemy items. Babette has more gold than the typical alchemist. She is always available for Alchemy training. Money Babette receives as a skill trainer is added to her available funds to buy things as a merchant. Babette cannot be pickpocketed or harmed in any way because she has the body of a child.

After Death Incarnate

She, along with the Dragonborn, Nazir, and Cicero (if he was not killed in the earlier quest "The Cure for Madness") are the only members of the Dark Brotherhood to survive the Penitus Oculatus attack on the Sanctuary. As such, she moves to the Dawnstar Sanctuary and continues selling potions.


In Dawnguard, Babette becomes a random encounter, found wandering the wilderness of Skyrim in search of a "snack." If asked if she is hunting she may remark that, while they cook at the Sanctuary, she has "more refined tastes." If Auriel's Bow is used to block out the sun, she comments on it, saying, "The tyranny of the sun is over!" and, "It's our time, now." She also says some of the standard NPC lines, such as, "The sky is all wrong."




Quote Audio
"Nazir told me what happened in Solitude. You poor dear. You've been through so much..."
Bab 1
"If I hadn't heard it with my own ears I wouldn't have believed it. How could Astrid have done this to us? Strangely, I feel only pity for her..."
Bab 2
"I'm just a little girl! The Dark Brotherhood killed my mama and papa, and then they took me captive! Please, please help me!"
Bab 3
"In truth, I'm no more a little girl than you are. I was once, of course. Three hundred years ago. Vampirism tends to keep one remarkably... fresh."
Bab 4
"Two hundred years ago, I would have lain down my life for the Unholy Matron. But that is an age long since passed. Astrid is my matron now."
Bab 5
"There you are! Astrid's told me all about you. Heard she pulled the ole' "Choose your victim" gag with you. Ah, I love that one..."
Bab 6
"I could brew some potions for you. Or train you in Alchemy."
Bab 7
"You looking to buy some potions? Or maybe I could help train you to make your own?"
Bab 8
"My targets make the mistake of not perceiving me as a threat. Last mistake they ever make."
Bab 9
"Have a good contract."
Bab 10


  • In the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, if the spider Lis is killed, the assassins attempt revenge, while Babette only says, "Why are they fighting?" as if she were a normal child, not a vampire.
  • Babette is the only child vampire in Skyrim.
  • When recording Babette's lines, Harley Graham made a blunder in the line, "Got a pretty full stock of potions and alchemy reagents." She sounds out the word "alchemy" and mis-pronounces it. This was not done over, and remains in the game.
  • Using Detect Dead can highlight her.
  • If the members of the Dark Brotherhood are killed in "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!," Babette is not among the members in the sanctuary.
  • Cicero refers to her as the "Un-child," while Astrid calls her an "eternal ten-year-old vampire."
  • Babette can often be found talking to Gabriella about her recent contracts.
  • Babette is usually found sitting down looking at Lis' spider nest along with Gabriella and Festus Krex. With Dawnguard installed, she may on occasion be spotted in Skyrim feeding on dead bodies.
  • During "Death Incarnate," Nazir will be arguing with Babette while he drags the Night Mother's coffin from the lake in the Sanctuary, where he will call her a "stupid she-devil" for not helping him.
  • Occasionally she can't be found at her usual spot at the Sanctuary. Sleep in any bed nearby and she will re-appear.


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