"Looking to shape some metal? I've got what you need."
―Badila Avani[src]

Badila Avani is a Dunmer blacksmith. She works at the Ebonheart Unified Metalworks in Ebonheart.


I'd like to learn more about blacksmithing: "We put hammer to anvil to forge armor and weapons. This requires a lot of metal. We scour hills and caves looking for rare ores to work. Raw materials will only take you so far. You need style books and special ingredients for more advanced work."

I'm sure there's a lot to learn: "You bet. A true blacksmith can read the metal to determine its potential. During the forging process we can choose a trait that best fits the item–provided we've done our research. Additional sharpening, extra weight... these are just examples."
Is there more to it?: "Well, the piece can be augmented even more through the use of tempers. These elements can enhance the value and quality of your work. Of course, no worthwile endeavor comes without risk. Trying to improve an item can result in breaks, so be careful!"