Baenlin is a Bosmer and one of Bruma's oldest and most respected residents. He lives in a two-story house on the eastern wall of the city with his live-in Nord manservant, Gromm. Baenlin is the target of the Dark Brotherhood quest titled Accidents Happen. His nephew is a Bosmer named Caenlin. It is implied Caenlin was the one who ordered his uncle's assassination. He is the second assassination target of the Hero as Gaston Tussaud is before him.

His is the only assassination made to look like an accident. This can be done by cutting the support straps on a stuffed minotaur head directly above his chair. The Hero will fail the quest if he is killed in any other manner or if his loyal manservant Gromm is killed.


Accidents HappenEdit

The Hero is tasked with killing a Bosmer named Baenlin in the town of Bruma. For the bonus reward, they must kill him in the manner specified as well as leaving the manservant Gromm alive.

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