Not to be confused with Balag.
"Him? Oh... Ah, name's Balablob or Malaclob, one of them funny Orc names. Talks real good, though. Not a savage at all."


Balagog gro-Nolob, or more frequently known as The Gourmet in his books, is an Orsimer residing at the Nightgate Inn, southeast of Dawnstar. He is talked about by the innkeeper as being more refined than most other Orcs.


Recipe for DisasterEdit

Festus Krex sends the Dragonborn to Understone Keep in search of Anton Virane, a friend of The Gourmet, author of Uncommon Taste. When intimidated, Anton reveals that Balagog is The Gourmet. He was scheduled to cook for Emperor Titus Mede II, when the event was canceled. Gaius Maro kept him in Skyrim in case plans changed.

The Dragonborn finds the Orc at Nightgate Inn and assassinates him to fill his place at Castle Dour and poison the Emperor with a Jarrin Root. To divert suspicion, the Dragonborn has to hide Balagog's corpse in or behind a wine barrel, behind some stacks of hay, under a bed, or dump it in a nearby lake.


  • The Gourmet serves Breton cuisine, despite being an Orc.[1]



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  •  PS3   Sometimes when visiting him in the cellar of Nightgate Inn before the Recipe for Disaster quest, the game will freeze on the load screen or crash when attempting to exit the cellar. This only happens after performing an action on him such as pickpocket or talk.
  •  360   There is a bug when attempting to enter Nightgate Inn to get to Balagog. Upon entering the Inn, the loading screen will come up, but the Inn itself never loads. The game continuously "loads" but does nothing else. So far this problem only occurs when you are assigned an assassination contract, from the Dark Brotherhood, to kill Balagog. Any bugs or other problems with entering Nightgate Inn otherwise are currently unknown, and there is no known fix to this problem so far.