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Balbus is a Nord who roams Skyrim. He is a fan of the Gourmet and is collecting ingredients for him.


After the quest Recipe for Disaster has been completed, the Dragonborn has the option of impersonating the famous Gourmet. Balbus will provide some ingredients for his special dish, if he is shown the Gourmet's Writ of Passage.

He may send hired thugs if pickpocketed.


Balbus' spawn placement is random. He has been found at these locations:


Upon being killed, Balbus usually carries the following items:


  • Balbus' appearance is one of the random encounters that exist throughout Skyrim.
  • Unlike most random encounter characters, Balbus does not disappear when the Dragonborn leaves the area, remaining at his original location unless killed. A new random encounter will occur if the location is revisited after some time has passed; if the encounter includes hostile characters, they are likely to attack Balbus.
  • It is highly possible that he can be found dead, as he is not an essential character, is very weak, and will be attacked by any hostile enemies that approach him. As a result, he can be easily killed.


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