Balbus' Fork is one of three unique named pieces of silverware found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and can be found on Balbus, a traveling Nord.


Balbus is difficult to locate, as he appears as a Random Encounter the Dragonborn may meet. A list of possible locations for Balbus can be found here.


Balbus's fork resembles the forks that are commonly found on tables and surfaces throughout Skyrim, but are non interactive items. However, Balbus's Fork can be picked up but it cannot be equipped as a weapon. It has a weight of 0 and a value of 0.


  • During the Dark Brotherhood quest "To Kill an Empire" involving the killing of the emperor, the Dragonborn receive the "Gourmet's Writ of Passage." If kept after completing the quest and when engaged with Balbus through dialogue, an additional speech option appears, "I am the Gourmet!," Balbus will respond with praise and offer his fork, as well as a few rare ingredients, imploring the Dragonborn to think of him the next time when cooking a masterpiece.
  • The fork can also simply be stolen, or taken from his corpse.