The Baliwog is a predatory, amphibious creature that dwells in the lakes, rivers, and bogs of the Shivering Isles. Although the Baliwog is small and walks on all fours, it can deliver a powerful attack and should not be underestimated. Some NPCs and some books speculate that the Baliwog is an infant Grummite.


An adult Baliwog can deliver a wounding slash attack with its claws or its razor-sharp teeth. Damage comes not only from the actual attack but also from the crippling diseases that may be transmitted to the Hero.

The Baliwog can regenerate its health when immersed in water. It may be best to avoid these creatures, although some of their carcasses may contain pearls, which are useful in a number of quests.


Baliwog SI
  • Young Baliwog
  • Baliwog
  • Venomous Baliwog
  • Mirili's Baliwog


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