Baltham Greyman was a powerful Breton mage and former member of the Mages Guild. Greyman abandoned the Guild after growing tired of their practices and regulations of magicka, becoming an independent scholar prior to the events of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

The Agent may have encountered Greyman if they decided to join the Mages Guild, a meeting that could result in a mini-quest line of its own.


Greyman appears as a common born male Breton, although he cannot be found until the start of the associated Mages Guild quest. Greyman's familiar is likely to be a raven, for it is his favoured method of communication.


Unlike other scholars/mages who abandon the Mages Guild, Greyman does not seem objectively evil, more driven by a determined form of curiosity. He will also be one of the few NPCs in Daggerfall to genuinely see the Agent as a friend, and will reward them generously for their aid.


As a mage, Greyman has the ability to cast powerful teleportation spells, and is an accomplished user of destruction magic. Greyman would also appear to be a powerful caster, capable of summoning iron atronachs at the very least.


Greyman is both an antagonist and a protagonist in a series of quests involving the Mages Guild:

The Former StudentEdit

After joining the Mages Guild, the Agent is sent to kill Greyman for his betrayal. During the fight, however, Greyman will make multiple offers for the Agent to secretly join him. Joining Greyman will see him hand the Agent a note to give to their superiors, while killing him will end any potential involvement.

Wonders Beyond ImaginingEdit

Should the Agent spare Greyman, they will be contacted by his pet raven a few weeks after the encounter. Greyman has headed into the famed Direnni Tower, and requests the Agent's aid in finding a powerful chest.

The Magical HoardEdit

A three part quest sees Greyman and the Agent delve into the depths of a series of dungeons to find a powerful magical item. Come the end of the quest, the Agent and Greyman may come to blows over the possession of the artefact.



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  •  PC   Greyman's portrait, which appears when the Agent is journeying with him, will be one representing a Redguard