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Banden Indarys is a Dunmer Warrior and member of House Redoran in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. He resides at Indarys Manor if the Nerevarine chooses to build a Redoran Stronghold instead of one of the Great House strongholds.


If the Nerevarine is house brother rank in Great House Hlaalu, Crassius Curio will ask he or she to go there and kill him after building a Stronghold, as he is a House Redoran member. To get there, go to Ald'ruhn and travel north on the road. After accepting the quest, Crassius will mark it on the map, so once you see your character is aligned, go left and continue until you see Redoran Walls. Once there go in the main manor and go down the stairs to the bottom. There you will see him. Kill him and leave. Note that no one else will attack the Nerevarine on sight nor will they after killing him