For the enemy in Oblivion, see Highwayman.

Bandit Highwaymen are high-ranking Bandits. They usually wear better armor than their Bandit comrades and wield better weapons. They carry higher-quality loot and are usually accompanied by lower level Bandits like the common Outlaw or Thug. Bandit Highwaymen are encountered after the Dragonborn has reached level 14.


Bandit highwayman (melee)

  • Sword (of various types)
  • Shield (of various types)

Bandit Highwayman (archer)

Bandit Highwaymen may also drop lockpicks and an average of 100 GoldIcon.

Fighting styleEdit

A Melee-based Bandit Highwayman will usually charge in with weapon and shield ready. Highwaymen will often make extensive use of shields and shield-bashing, and proceed to attack the Dragonborn whilst he is recovering. An archery-based Bandit Highwayman will usually sit back and pepper the Dragonborn with arrows. When engaged he will often pull out his dagger and start attacking with it rather than retreating to a better position.