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Bands of the Chosen

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Bands of the Chosen
Bands of the Chosen
Armor Type Light gauntlets
GoldIcon 0
WeightIcon 2
ArmorIcon 1.0
Armor Health 50
Additional Effects Weakness to Fire 50%
Item ID 0003C803

Bands of the Chosen are a pair of gauntlets found in the Forbidden Grotto at Mankar Camoran's Paradise during the quest of the same name.



With all four items, the Great Sigil Stone from the Great Gate of Bruma, the Great Welkynd Stone from Miscarcand, the Armor of Tiber Septim from Sancre Tor, and a Daedric artifact, Martin will open the gate to Mankar Camoran's Paradise, Gaiar Alata.

The Hero must wield these in order to leave the grotto and move onto the palace Carac Agaialor. In the grotto, they will have the option of accepting the aid of the Altmer Eldamil and once the two of them have made it to the exit of the grotto, he will be able to remove the Hero's bands and allow them to leave. The Hero is unable to unequip the bands themselves.


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