Banish the Ghost is a Knight Order quest available during the events of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. A local Noble has asked their Knight Order to banish a undead spirit from their property, a task which the Agent is told to complete.


After completing several quests for one of the ten Knight Orders of the Iliac Bay, the Agent will be accepted into said Order. From that point on they will have to make their way up the internal rank ladder to gain more lucrative and noteworthy quests, to improve their reputation.


  • Speak with a Quester from a joined Knight Order.
    • Journey to and enter the specified dungeon.
    • Track down and destroy the spirit.
  • Escape back to the Quester before the time limit expires to complete the quest.


When the Agent has gained a sizeable amount of reputation within one of the Iliac Bay's ten Knight Orders, one of the Questers will offer them the chance to perform a banishment. The Quester, who acknowledges that this is "normally the temple's problem," states that it is a local Noble who has asked the Order to eliminate a haunting spirit. The Agent is henceforth sent to destroy the spirit, which has been haunting the Noble's property.

A Noble BanishmentEdit

The Noble's property is revealed to be a nearby dungeon, the location of which is told to the Agent by the Quester. Once inside, the Agent will have to fight their way through a variety of creatures and humanoids roaming the dungeon, including a number of ghosts and wraiths.

One of these ghosts or wraits will be the target spirit, although which of them is the target is only revealed when a notification appears upon its death. Once the spirit has been banished, the Agent must escape the dungeon and return to the Quester before the time limit expires.


The Agent will not receive any physical reward for completing the quest successfully, but will instead get a huge boost to their reputation within the region. The penalties for failing the quest remain true to a usual quest:

Faction Reputation
Knight Order +5
Region +14
Specific Knight Order +12
Peasants of Region +9
Nobles of Region +7
Other Factions +7
Faction Reputation
Knight Order -2
Specific Knight Order -2


Banish the Ghost - b0b50y11
IDJournal Entry
0 [Date]:

[Quester's name] of Questers in [town] pled with me to rid [dungeon] of a ghost that is haunting it. I have [x] days before they they need to begin the reconstruction.

  • Quest accepted


  • This quest is similar to the Temples related quest, The Spook.
  • NPCs will make a variety of comments referencing the quest if spoken to regarding any news:
    • Acceptance: "[Noble's name] was crazy to accept the deed to [dungeon]. Crazy or stupid."
    • Success: "[Dungeon] can be made into a warehouse or a summer home, thanks to [knightly order]."
    • Failure: "Poor [noble's name] appealed to [knightly order] to exorcise [dungeon], but they failed."