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Bards are graduates of the Bards College in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim located in Solitude.

They can be found throughout Skyrim, typically playing in taverns. They play lutes, flutes, and drums, but also sing and will perform songs upon request.



Sven playing a lute.


With the addition of Hearthfire, bards can be hired to stay at a Homestead and play upon request. The three available bards are:


The following is a list of songs that Bards will play upon request.


  • In the Main Questline in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion asking about rumors to any NPC might result in them saying "Have you heard the Fall of Dagon yet? Take heart the mighty hero cried, he looked up at Dagon, and cursed his foul name!" or "All the Bards are Busy Composing Songs about the Fall of Dagon." However there is no option to ask any Bard to sing the Fall of Dagon at all in Skyrim.


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