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Barilzar was a powerful mage from the Second Era, who created a powerful artifact named the Mazed Band. This artifact is known to be able to open the gates between Mundus and Oblivion, and can allow the user to brings multitudes of Daedra from Oblivion into Mundus. Because of his unholy creation, Barilzar was cursed. He could not leave the mortal plane, and lived as a lich, guarding the Mazed Band.[1]


Barilzar's Mazed BandEdit

Almalexia, one of the Tribunal Gods, has requested that the ring Barilzar created, the Mazed Band, be given to her. The Nerevarine must enter the Abandoned Crypt where Barilzar lurks under Mournhold and obtain the ring. Barilzar, self proclaimed Lord of the Liches, is killed during this quest.


  • For such a powerful creature, Barilzar has a very low Soul Gem level (Petty Soul Gem).
  • Barilzar is level 45, one of the highest levels of any non-playable character in the game.



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