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For other uses, see Barknar.
"Enjoying the hospitalities of the inn. Suggest you do the same."


Barknar is a Nord pilgrim who can often be found examining the etched tablets along the 7000 Steps, at the Vilemyr Inn in the town of Ivarstead, or at an encampment at the foot of the dawnguard fortress.


Barknar spends most of his days on the path to High Hrothgar, walking the steps and meditating on the emblems. If the Dragonborn steals from him, he will send hired thugs to attack them.

When killed or pickpocketed, he will carry mostly standard loot, the most notable being well over 100 iron arrows.


  • "Enjoying the hospitalities of the inn. Suggest you do the same."
    • ​This dialogue line will only be available if Barknar is at the Vilemyr Inn.
  • "I did. Strange days when the monks will do that. I wonder what it means."
  • "They're not the sort to take visitors, but I never go that high up the path anyway."


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