The Barsaebic tribe were a tribe of Ayleids that once inhabited the region of Black Marsh.[1]

In The Elder Scrolls Online, the Outlaws Refuge is said to have been built by the Barsaebic Ayleid tribe.[2]

It has been suggested that there is some relation to Barsaebic Ayleids, and "Keystones" found at Xanmeers.[3] The tribe are mentioned very briefly in Wet Wilds of Black Marsh.[4]


Originally, the Barsaebics were part of Cyrodiil. There was a conflict amongst the Ayleids, known as the Narfinsel Schism, whereby the Aedra-loving Ayleids went to war with the Daedra-loving ones. The conflict ended in 1E 198, at the Scouring of Wendelbek, when King Glinferen of Atatar led the pro-Daedra Ayleids against the traditionalist Barsaebics. These Barsaebics were driven out of the Heartlands and into northwest Argonia, and thus, the opposition to Daedra worship in Cyrodiil was ended.[5]