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A Basket is an item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is found in all of the Holds, and can be used as a decoration for houses, which can then be filled with things like fruit, soul gems or anything else that will fit inside.


  • It can used to hold small items such as food and ingredients.
  • As a decoration in houses.
  • Can be used to blindfold somebody making theft much easier.


  • Baskets usable in this way are the ones without lids, a deep hole and a wide opening.
  • Easier if placed while the person is standing still or sitting down. It will not work if they are moving.
  • Must be done while inside an enclosed room or house (so nobody else can see).
  • Check the eye in sneak mode to see if they can see, it should remain closed.

Placed on top of peoples' heads, making it impossible for them to see. If done correctly, the NPC's items can be stolen with ease. The basket will stay on the NPC's head, they will be unable to see anything. The basket will fall if the NPC moves.


  • Baskets come in seven different variants.
  • Some baskets have a lid on the top which is fixed in a closed position.
  • There are other kinds of baskets besides simple baskets, such as flower baskets.
  • Standing inside a basket may cause the Dragonborn to fall through the floor.