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Bat Swarm is an Ultimate skill in the Vampirism skill tree.


Darken the sky with a cloud of bats, dealing Magic Damage to nearby enemies every 1 second.


  • [?]


Clouding SwarmEdit

  • [?]
  • U5: Fixed an issue where casting this ability in quick succession could cause you to be permanently invisible to other player characters.[1]

Devouring SwarmEdit

  • [?]
  • U5: Reduced the healing on this ability by 30%.[1]


  • U1: Fixed an issue that was allowing this ability to erroneously deal damage through walls.[2]
  • U2: This ability's tooltip now matches the ability's actual duration.[3]
  • U4: As of Update 4, this ability no longer removes the Nightblade active skill, Shadow Cloak.[4]



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