Bath Time is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Dralof Waterwalker and his friends bathe in the hot springs south of Wittestadr. Their friend, Grida, went off to gather bath salts for the water, but she never returned.

The Vestige should look for Grida at the apothecary in Darkwater Crossing, a town near Fort Amol.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Grida Meadmoon.
  2. Read Grida's Note
  3. Collect Troll Fat (2)
  4. Collect Daril
    1. Hints:Check Argonian Camp
  5. Collect Mudcrab Claws (4)
  6. Grind Ingredients at the Mill
  7. Talk to Dralol Waterwalker. (if the Vestige gives the salts - it is the last step)
  8. Talk to Frera Dagger-Lost


In the Argonian Camp, the Vestige can bribe Laughs-at-Danger (56 GoldIcon) or Intimidate him for the Daril.

The grind the ingredients, head to the windmill on the nearby hill. Once inside, an option to use the Millstone will appear.

The Vestige can decide the bathers' fates by giving them the bath salts or say they are too dangerous. Giving them the bath salts does not end well for the bathers.

If the Vestige decides not to give the salts, Frera Dagger-Lost will thank him for not making her zombified (and she gives the reward instead of Dralol).