"What remains of this day, what of it lasts? Just the display of courage, in that final stand, Of those who stood, and died, at Chalman"

The Battle of Chalman Keep was a major battle in the Alliance War between all three alliances in the war for Chalman Keep. The conflict began in 2E 582 when the Aldmeri Dominion advanced through Pact Territory to Chalman Keep while the Daggerfall Covenant had control of the fort. A horde of Dominion Troopers rammed through the main gate and stormed the courtyard, but the Covenant managed to hold them back. The first wave of enemies was defeated, but another wave was coming, giving the Covenant no time to repair their defenses.[1]

The Covenant luckily defeated the second wave of Dominion soldiers, but another yet greater wave came and attacked the keep. The Ebonheart Pact moved towards Chalman as well resulting in a three-way battle royal for Chalman Keep. The Dominion soldiers were driven out of Chalman once again, leaving the Pact and Covenant to fight on their own. Eventually, the Aldmeri Dominion returned for a final attack and drove out the two alliances out of Chalman. The Dominion was able to capture Chalman Keep and a new Emperor was elected in the process.[1]