One week after the disastrous meeting in Reich Gradkeep the armies of Sentinel and Daggerfall met on Cryngaine Field.


In the heat of the battle, a sudden unnatural fog spread over Cryngaine Field, blinding the soldiers. When the mist finally lifted it was discovered that an arrow had killed King Lysandus of Daggerfall. Apparently he had been shot by a blinded Sentinel archer. The situation looked bleak for Daggerfall.

Prince Gothryd quickly took control of the armies of Daggerfall. Soon the battle began to turn in Daggerfall's favor. Lord Bridwell slew King Camaron of Sentinel. Panicked by the death of the king and the sheer amount of losses they were taking the armies of Sentinel retreated in disarray. Lord Oresme of Sentinel formally surrendered to Daggerfall giving up all rights to Betony. Oresme later committed suicide on the return home. Also part of the treaty was the marriage of Prince Gothryd and Princess Aubk-i, the only daughter of King Camaron.[1]


After the battle peace came to High Rock, if only for a short time.