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The Battle of the Bluffs was fought and then the victorious Daggerfall army swept forward to lay siege to Sentinel, leaving behind a small vanguard force under the command of Prince Gothryd to protect their ally Anticlere. An army of Sentinel soldiers and the Sensford militia swept out of the hills and prepared to attack the city and capture Duncreigh Bridge which was the only way across the river for miles around.


The Daggerfall forces formed a phalanx with the archers in the back to hold the bridge. Lord Oresme the commanding officer of the Sentinel force saw this but he saw something else as well. A weakness in the phalanx's formation. He sent his cavalry charging across the bridge. They slaughtered the inexperienced Anticlere phalanx but the Prince's bodyguard division and the Anticlere hunters continued to hold on. The charge though was a distraction for while the Daggerfall forces were fighting the charge off several Sentinel warriors had been swept down the river by the current but had managed to get back on land and were now approaching the village from the rear. The warriors set fire to the town which caused mass panic in the Anticlere forces who broke under the charge of the next Sentinel charge. Prince Gothryd barely survived by jumping off his horse and into the river.


The Daggerfall forces broke off their siege of Sentinel to find that they were surrounded and cut off from supplies and reinforcements and were summarily wiped out.